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Women’s Cohort

Health outcomes in subfertile women

Our proposed new cohort of subfertile women will be linked to national cancer and health outcomes data.

Recently, there has been a global increase in the number of women who have undergone assisted reproductive techniques (ART) including IVF, and approximately 54,000 women underwent around 75,000 fertility treatments in the UK in 2017 alone.

Our research team has previously conducted a population-based data linkage study that found an increased risk of in situ breast cancer and invasive and borderline ovarian tumours in women who had undergone fertility treatments in the UK. We now plan to use this data to explore overall health outcomes in these women by linking them to their hospital records. We will evaluate if being exposed to different types of ART and the number of cycles will affect long-term health outcomes, and also explore variations by demographic factors such as age, socio-economic status.

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