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Men’s Cohort

Health outcomes in subfertile men

Our proposed new cohort of sub-fertile men will be linked to national cancer and health outcomes data.

Male subfertility (known as any form of reduced fertility with prolonged time to conception) affects about half of all couples undergoing assisted reproduction treatments for the conception of a child. Assisted reproductive technology substantially increases the chances for the affected men to become fathers, but the effects of the underlying fertility problems on the health of these men remain unclear. Male subfertility may be an early and identifiable risk factor for the development of diseases later in life and more research into the long-term health effects associated with fertility problems is essential to improve diagnosis and treatment.

In this study, we will identify men affected by fertility problems between 1991 and 2009 through the HFEA registers and link them to their hospital records to explore long-term risks such as cancer and other health outcomes. Comparisons with men of the same age and socioeconomic status without fertility issues will be conducted.

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